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Dental Bridges in Jackson, MI

Teeth were designed to work together. Therefore, having a missing tooth due to natural causes, injury, or disease is serious. When you lose a tooth, your nearby teeth start to tilt or drift into the gap. As a result, you may experience pain and dental damage when chewing because more stress is placed on the jaw. In addition, missing teeth may affect your facial structure and appearance.

Drifted teeth also become hard to clean, thus leading to a higher risk of tooth decay. It is essential to visit our dentists near you for routine dental exams and cleanings to avoid this. If you have recently lost a tooth and are looking for options to restore your smile, Michigan Dentists offers dental bridges, among other restorative dental procedures such as dental implants or dentures.

If you are not familiar with this procedure, it is essential to understand the types of dental bridges and how dental bridges are installed.

Types of Dental Bridges 

  • Traditional dental bridge: This is the most common dental bridge and is often used when the gap is between two natural teeth.
  • Cantilever dental bridge: For this type of bridge, a patient only needs one natural tooth next to the gap to support the fake tooth.
  • Maryland dental bridge:¬†This bridge employs two natural teeth next to the gap, but a metal or porcelain framework is used in place of dental crowns.

The Process

To determine which type of dental bridge you need, you will have to schedule a consultation with a dentist near you. After examining your teeth, our dentists in Jackson, MI, will recommend the most suitable dental bridge for you.

Dental bridges generally take two appointments to complete. During the first appointment, your abutment tooth or teeth will be prepared, and impressions are made. You will then be fitted with a temporary bridge until your permanent one is ready. We will call you back for a second appointment to get your permanent bridge fitted.

For more information about dental bridges near you or to schedule a consultation with our dentists in Jackson, MI, give Michigan Dentists a call.

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