Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screening in Jackson, MI

To maintain healthy oral hygiene, people need to visit a dentist frequently. Regular visits to our dentists near you are essential as it enables them to check for any signs of oral cancer. Cancer screening is an analysis conducted to detect malignant cells before a person develops symptoms. In Jackson, MI, oral cancer screening helps us detect cancer early and allows our dentists to treat it before it spreads.

Oral cancer is an illness in which cancerous cells form on a person’s oral cavity or lips. At Michigan Dentists, our dentists believe in educating patients regarding oral cancer threats. As a result, our dentists might suggest oral cancer screening as a precautionary measure or respond to a patient’s lifestyle choices. If the screening test results are abnormal, the patient undergoes more diagnostic tests to determine cancer.

Take charge of your health and visit us for oral cancer screening near you today.

Risk Factors of Oral cancer

Risk factors refer to the factors that increase the chances of a person getting sick. While having a risk factor does not necessarily mean that a person will get cancer, not having a risk factor doesn’t mean a person will not get cancer. Some of the risk factors of oral cancer include:

  • Extreme exposure to sunlight resulting in lip cancer
  • Frequent use of tobacco products such as cigars
  • Heavy use of alcohol
  • Being infected with human papillomavirus 16.3

Types of Cancer Screening

  • Visual Examination: Our dentists look at a patient’s face, oral cavity, neck, nose, among other parts, for any abnormalities. These include swellings, bumps, asymmetries, or ulcerations.
  • Physical examination: Following the visual examination, our dentists may touch the chin, cheeks, face, or other parts to feel for any unusual masses.
  • Cancer Screening Tools: Our dentists may apply various tongue depressors to complete oral cancer screening.

What to Do After an Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening serves as a precautionary measure. Therefore, if your test results are negative, it means you should continue observing good hygiene and a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of oral cancer. If our dentists find any abnormal cells, you may be advised to return at regular intervals for further tests. These tests will determine the spread of the cancerous cells and the type of treatment suitable for the patient.

At Michigan Dentists, oral screening is more than a medical exam. Instead, it presents an opportunity for a patient and a dentist to talk freely without judgment regarding any concerns. Please book your appointment with our dentists today to receive personalized care.

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