Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Jackson, MI

Like any other part of the human body, the human teeth are also alive, which makes them susceptible to infections. A tooth is made up of two main parts, that is, the crown and roots. The crown is visible above the gums, while the roots are located below the gums, anchoring the tooth to the jawbone.

Inside the tooth is a root canal system that contains the dental pulp. The dental pulp contains soft tissues located in the center of the tooth. The pulp moisturizes and nourishes the surrounding tissues.

The pulp within the root canal contains nerves that decode hot and cold temperatures as pain. If you are feeling some sensitivity or pain in your tooth, then our dentists near you can help determine the cause of the pain.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

From an early age, many people were taught to take care of their teeth to avoid the troubles that come with tooth decay. However, teeth are sensitive and prone to infection, particularly cavities and tooth decay.

Root canal therapy is a dental procedure intended to repair an infected tooth, relieve dental pain, and prevent further decaying. Receiving root canal therapy near you will enable you to keep your oral health in optimal condition.

Root Canal Therapy Procedure

  • Administering anesthesia: At Michigan Dentists, our dentists will administer anesthesia to numb the tooth and gums so that you do not feel any pain during the procedure.
  • Cleaning the root canal: Our dentists will make small holes in the tooth to remove the dead tissues.
  • Filling the root canal: Once the dead pulp tissues are removed, our dentists will clean and decontaminate the hollow area and permanently apply a rubber-like material to seal the canals.
  • Adding a crown: Our dentists in Jackson, MI, may add a crown to protect the weakened tooth.

Our dentists have years of experience providing painless root canal treatments in Jackson, MI. If you think you may have an infection in the roots of your teeth, do not hesitate to give us a call to schedule a consultation. Prompt treatment is critical when dealing with any infection.

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