Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions in Jackson, MI

There are two main methods of dental extraction: simple and surgical. Simple tooth extraction is only possible when the tooth is visible and easily accessible. Hidden teeth have to be extracted through a surgical dental extraction. These procedures are necessary as they improve your dental hygiene before it worsens.

The best way to do it is first to examine the condition of the affected tooth. Our first option is always to consider every possible means of saving it. If it’s damaged beyond repair, then extractions become the last resort. Contact our dentists near you if you think you may need dental extractions in Jackson, MI.

Causes of Dental Extraction

Many issues might warrant a dental extraction procedure. Our dentists in Jackson, MI, can analyze your situation to determine if your case falls within this category. Here are some of the reasons for the procedure:

Severe teeth damage: This includes a severely cracked, chipped, or broken tooth. Other causes include tooth decay or infections. Such tooth or teeth can be restored if detected early enough before things get complicated. Otherwise, you will have no other option but take the extraction path.

Incorrect alignment: Some of your teeth might be misaligned if they are too crowded along your jawline. Removing teeth may be necessary for the remaining teeth to get aligned in the right position. Extraction seems the best solution if you choose not to expand your jawline to create the much-needed space for alignment.

Abnormal eruption and formation: Every anomaly in the teeth should be handled with the care it deserves. There are instances when a tooth or two fail to erupt through the gums. This calls for a quick extraction to prevent further complications.

At Michigan Dentists, we provide reliable dental extractions near you.

When Should You Consider an Extraction?

Dental extraction should be done as soon as you detect severe damage to your teeth. This will prevent one bad tooth from causing more damage to others. Children should be taken for dental extraction if their primary teeth haven’t fallen off as expected.

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